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Shenzhen AOTO Electronics
Shenzhen AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd? 深圳奥拓电子
Address: B, 6/F Phase A, T2 Building, South District, Hi-tech Industrial Park, Shenzhen, China

About AOTO

Shenzhen AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is one of the foremost companies that research & develop, manufacture and sale LED display in China. AOTO is the national high-tech enterprise and the 1st listed company (Stock: 002587) engaging in LED application in China.

R&D derives from client's needs and serves for the market competition.
AOTO established the market-oriented R&D mechanism, rapidly and accurately brought the client's into product planning, and formed IPD (Integrated Product Development) innovation system which includes demand analysis, feasibility study, technical solution and product R&D, offering complete solution.
AOTO establish powerful R&D team, insist large investment and continuously research and innovation.
AOTO's core technologies have reached industry-leading level and some of them are forefront in the world, such as high precision brightness network control and chroma calibration technology, green energy-saving technology, high processing depth, high contrast, outdoor SMD LED technology, network control and remote monitor & diagnostic technology.

Based on the world leading core technologies and the accurate study of client's requirements, brings professional solutions for advertising sports, events and rental, information publication industry. In China, AOTO products and solutions have been accepted by world famous advertising companies, high profile entertainments and sports events. AOTO has become the pronoun of high end brand of LED application industry.

Service is not only a kind of culture but also an important part of AOTO brand. “Quick response, Efficient, Professional” is the philosophy which we always carry on. Our services drives from customer needs and ends at customer satisfaction, then take it as new beginning. Until December of 2012, AOTO has built a complete technology service network all over the world which includes 42 service centers in China and overseas technical support platforms in HK, UK and USA.

Continuous innovation, Closer cooperation
Create value for client, promote industry development.

Company Products

  • 1). LED Display
  • 2). LED Control System
  • 3). LED Interface Processor
  • 4). Software
  • 5). Accessory