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Shenzhen Orient

Shenzhen Orient Technology Co., Ltd.

Website: http://www.orient-opto.com/en/Main.aspx#
Address: Block 1, Hongtu Industrial Park, Hezhou, Xixiang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, PRC

About Orient

Orient includes Shenzhen Orient Technology, Orient Opto-Electronics, Orient Components and Jiangmen Orient Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd. The product line covers LED Epi-wafer, LED Chip, Packaging and applied products such as comprehensive series of LED Chips, SMD LED (0603, 0605,0805), Dot matrix, Photocoupler, Digital Displays, Opto Interrupter and RGB full color Panel,etc.

Orient always sets the technical innovation as its core competitiveness, sustains tremendous investment in R&D and fosters a strong R&D team. We adhere to international manufacturing norms and quality standards to provide the most competitive products to our customers. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certificate and products have passed the domestic and international security certificates such as UL, CE, VDE, SGS, CQC and RoHS .

Orient is not only a provider of low-carbon products, but also an advocate of low-carbon lifestyle. What's more, it is the leader of the sustainable development of the industry. People of Orient abide by the idea of Cooperation, Diligence, Pragmatism and Customer First and endeavor to create a new LED industry era.

Company Products

  • 1). LED Chip
  • 2). LED Package/Application
  • 3). LED Lighting

New Technology

Orient in the upstream chips, red chips, the highest brightness in the nation, high-power 850nm chip is the only one capable of producing companies, the two series of products in the country has very high visibility and market share. It is understood, 850nm chip technology requires very high, most of the hands of Taiwanese companies, Orient 850nm chip R & D success in Mainland China greatly reduced the procurement costs of the application of market regulation has played a significant role.


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