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HC SemiTek

HC SemiTek Corporation

Website: http://www.hcsemitek.com/en/index.asp
Address: 8 Binhu Road East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone Wuhan 430223,P.R.China

About HC SemiTek

HC SemiTek Corporation, formerly Wuhan HC SemiTek Co., Ltd., was founded in 2005 and restructured into an incorporated company in 2011. HC SemiTek is a leading LED (Light Emitting Diode) chip supplier based in Wuhan, China. As a high-tech enterprise in the field of "New materials, and New energy", we are committed to R&D, production and sales of the high-quality LED chips, mainly in GaN-based blue and green light series. The worldwide leading R&D capabilities enable us to make continuous innovation based on customer demand. Currently, we serve clients throughout the country, and the product has been successfully applied to a number of domestic key projects.

Since founded five years ago, we have finished the construction of a solid production infrastructure system, a strong management and technology team and a reliable quality management system. Based on these, we have built up strong partnerships with the customers and suppliers.

To deliver better quality products in higher volume, the company has been continue increasing the investment on R&D and advanced equipments. The vision of the company is to deliver the best LED chip and to be the best LED enterprise.

Company Products

  • 1). M11C
  • 2). S14E
  • 3). S14B
  • 4). S15A
  • 5). A17G
  • 6). A24N

New Technology

By building strong cooperation with world-renowned R&D laboratories, the R&D team keeps pace with world-wide competitors in new technology applications. The company has filed a number of patents on the core technologies of III-Nitride-based LED materials growth, device design and manufacturing.