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AquaLite Opto-Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Website: http://www.aqualite-led.com/en/
Address: No.227, Optical Valley 1 Rd, East Lake High-Tech Zone, Wuhan, Hubei430074,China

About AquaLite

Founded in 2006, AquaLite is the leading company for LED lighting chips research and production in China. With state of the art epitaxial crystal growth and chip process technology, Aqualite’s LED chips have reached over the 100 lm/W efficiency, and thus are widely used in street lighting, lighting bars, light bulbs, and LED back lighting units (BLU).?
AquaLite is sponsored by both The National 863 High Technology Program and The National Torch Program. AquaLite is chairman of The Wuhan Optical Valley Solid State Lighting (SSL) Alliance. The company has also has been listed in Hubei Province’s Top 100 Key High-Tech Product Promotional Companies, and the Wuhan New Energy Industries Promotion Program.
AquaLite’s unwavering commitment is to being environmentally friendly and continues to be its initial driving force for advancement in LED lighting technology. Simultaneously, Responsibility, Accountability, and Advancement are the premier values of the company. The name AquaLite, playing the words aqua or water and lite or light, embodies this vision threefold: the social awareness of the company about key resources such as energy and water, the efficiency and durability of our product in its aqua-blue LED lighting, and finally the scope of Aqualite’s mission: to maximize the world’s energy resources and make it environmentally stable and globally accessible.

Company Products

  • 1). H45 LED Power Chip
  • 2). B45 Power Chip
  • 3). B38 Power Chip
  • 4). B24 Power Chip
  • 5). B20 Power Chip
  • 6). C9
  • 7). G9???

Company Project

a) FiberHome Fab LED illumination
b) LED Street Lighting on Liufang Avenue
c) Hankou Beach Park LED illumination
d) Wuhan Bonded Warehouse LED illumination