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List of Top LED Manufacturers

The big list of LED manufacturers cull the very top manufacturers and brands in China, subcategorized and organized for easy browse.

大族元亨  Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.


Founded:1992 Stock:002008 Product:LED Display Address: Bldg4, HANS Industrial Park, 128 Chongqing Street, Fuyong, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province,P.R...

德豪润达   Elec-Tech International Co., Ltd.


Founded:1996 Stock:002005 Address:Jin Feng Lu, Xiang Zhou Qu, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China Others:765 patents

锐拓照明  Shenzhen Retop Display Technology Co., Ltd.


Founded:1997 Product:LED Display Address:Block D, Wentao Technology Park, Ying Ren Shi, Shi Yan, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

深圳奥拓电子 Shenzhen Aoto Electronics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Aoto Electronics

Founded:2005 Stock:300301 Address:ChangFang Industrial Park, Road 3 JulongShan, Shenzhen Big Industrial Center, Longgang District, Shenzhen,China

利亚德光电股份有限公司  Leyard Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.


Founded:1995 Stock:300296 Address:No.9 Zhenghongqi West Street, North of Summer Palace, Haidian District, Beijing, China

厦门信达光电  Xiamen Xindeco Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Xindeco

Founded:2007 Stock:000701 Address:No.,610, LingDou West Road, SiMing District, XiaMen, FuJian,China

上海三思电子工程有限公司  Shanghai Sansi Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Sansi

Founded:1993 Product:LED Display Address:No.1280 Shuying Road, Shanghai, China

深圳市易事达电子有限公司  Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Eastar

Founded:2004 Product:LED Display Address:EastarIndustrial Park,South Huanguan Road,Guanlan Street,ShenZhen, China

九洲光电  Jiuzhou Optoelectronics

Jiuzhou Optoelectronics

Founded:2004 Product:LED Component Address:No.259,Jiuzhou Road,Ke Chuang Park,Mianyang,Sichuan,China

洲明科技  Unilumin Group Co., Ltd.

Unilumin Group

Founded:2004 Product:LED Display Address:No.68, Lanjing North Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, China