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  • LED Animated Light Box

  • FUNCTION OF PRODUCT: The products are using aluminum frame or crystal side,the frame will separate the design of LED illuminant,display the dynamic and colorful effect. FEATURE OF PRODUCT: ·Energy saving and..

    Supplier: Siansy Technology Company

    Business type: Manufacturer - China (Mainland)

  • Crystal LED Light Box

  • Switching to LED lights becomes a major cause of concern and a top priority requirement to save energy and protect the world. The amount of electricity consumed by the Crystal LED Light Box is much less than that consume..

    Supplier: Hotban Holding Limited

    Business type: Other - China (Mainland)

  • Ultra-Thin Light Box

  • The Ultra-thin Light Box in high demand when it comes to decoration of plush hotels, bars and cafes. The color, frame and shape are really outstanding and marvelous. You can save huge amount of electricity in your buildi..

    Supplier: E-Yond Industry Trading Limited

    Business type: Other - China (Mainland)

  • LED Sign

  • The LED Sign allows you to see clearer and easier to grab attention. One LED screen display that is set up tactically is as efficient as several TV or even other forms of conventional media ads that are running. High ..

    Supplier: LED Public Company

    Business type: Manufacturer - China (Mainland)

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