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  • Small Round White Light

  • Product parameters according to the different levels of materials and different, we can according to your request to take what materials, changes, the company does not issue detailed data, such as inquiries, please ask, ..

    Supplier: Shaoxing Renwei Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Business type: Manufacturer - China (Mainland)

  • Holiday Lights Gallery

  • Our supply of colorful lights, Christmas lights, a variety of styles, unique design, fashion ornaments, gifts for children’s toys, home decorations, holiday gifts, night clubs, discos, karaoke OK, bars, dance hal..

    Supplier: Beijing Lian He Ying Run

    Business type: Trading Company - China (Mainland)

  • Disco Light LED 3D Ball Bulb

  • RGB wedding decorative led 3D bulb is a kind of disco stage lights. Its other name called white string lights and led rope light. RGB wedding decorative led 3D bulb is widely used in night clubs, coffee and wine bars, KT..

    Supplier: Shenzhen?Reidz?Tech?Co., Ltd

    Business type: Manufacturer - China (Mainland)

  • Offer Printed Paper Lantern

  • Our company is manufacturing and supplying solar lantern, LED strings, Lantern with different color of red, purple, blue, yellow, orange, green ect. These Lanterns can be used as home and outdoor decoration, wedding d..

    Supplier: Fujian Dong Nan Artware Co.Ltd

    Business type: Manufacturer - China (Mainland)

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