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78X3w LED Grow Light

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LED products become a strong tendency for very efficient lighting to reduce the power bill. The 78x3w LED Grow Light consumes only 80% of energy if you will compare to traditional lights, as a result it decreases the electricity consumption.

commodity led grow light series P/N OH-GL-014
power 78x3W input voltage AC85-264V
input current 580mA LEDs color 7 colors
Photosynthetically Active Radiation 185.3W/sq. m Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density 741.1umol/sq. m. s
Working Frequency 50/60Hz Working Environment -20? -40?
Size 400x212x62mm NW 3.3kg

Unique module design, Achieve customers self maintainance with no special knowledge of the products by only the operation of replacing the module.
Can produce 3-5 times light as the HPS of the same power. Saving 80% energy.
Suggested the differences color ratios as below:

* Red/Blue 8: 1 for growing flowers and those plants focus on the flowering and fruiting
* Red/Blue 7: 2 for growing vegetables and those plants focus on the fast growing of leaves and stems
* Red/Blue/White 7: 1: 1 for growing plants indoor without sunshine
* Red/Blue/Orange 7: 1: 1 for growing with sunshine
* 7 color system for growing every plants, especially precious medicinal plants

The red light is for promoting plant budding. Flowering. The blue light is for vegetative growth. Customers can choose color LEDs ratio according to their special requiremnts.

Built-in cooling system(thermostatically controlled fans) well solved the heat dissipation problem.
Built-in CE certified power supply, direct plug-in design, easy and simple. No Need for Heavy Reflectors and Ballast.
Ideal for all phases of plant growth and works well with any indoor garden, whether hydroponics or soil based.
The lighting area and the height above the plant can be changed according to the environment and species of the plant, above parameters are suggestive.
All of the materials, spare parts are in compliance with the environment requirement, no mercury and other harmful heavy metal materials.

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