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Min Order Quantity: 100 pcs
Production Capacity: 1200KK/< per div>

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The Smd LED Strip is made for marketable software. It offers excellent search for years exclusive of getting out replaced or maybe managed. Its bodily life is virtually appealing to people who needs quality and reliability without the need to maintain.

&#9632;Absolute Maximum Rating
Parameter Symbol Absolute Maximum Rating Unit
Forward Current IF 640 mA
Power Dissipation PD 7.68 W
Electrostatic discharge ESD 800 V
Operating Temperature Topr -25&#8765;+80 &#8451;
Storage Temperature Tstg -5&#8765;+40 &#8451;

&#9632; Electronic Optical Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Forward Voltage DC VF IF=20mA -- 12 -- V
Dominant Wavelength &#955;D IF=20mA -- - - -- nm
Luminous flux &#966;V IF=20mA - - 200 - - lm
Recommend Forward Current IF(rec) -- -- 640 - - mA
1.Absolute maximum ratings Ta=25&#8451;.
2.Tolerance of measurement of luminous intensity±15%.
3,water proof,soft,1~5m are receivability

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    100 pcs
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    8 days
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