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LED Traffic Signal


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LED Traffic Signal

The LED Traffic Signal is widely used in traffic retrofitting projects for its outstanding features of consuming less energy, producing high light output and lasting identifcally longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs. The failure of any individual LED won’t affect the operation, only with a reduced light output.

Since entering the traffic signal market in 1999, Act One has rapidly become a leading company to provide energy efficient, long life and highly durable LED signal heads. We have been certified or qualified by all state DOTâ??s to supply the LED traffic signals. Our products are in full compliance with ITE standards in all aspects: mechanical, electrical, photometric, quality assurance, and warranty provisions. We are continually working on new designs to meet latest ITE standards.

# Proven Energy Efficiency & Longevity
Hundreds of thousands of traffic signals have been installed and operated flawlessly across the nation since 2001, which is the best proof of Act Oneâ??s superior product quality.
# Precision Optical Lens
Our proprietary know-how of the precision optical lens design allows efficient re-distribution of LED light output to meet DOTâ??s specifications while reducing the number of LEDâ??s for better energy and cost savings.
# Sound Weatherproof Design
Act Oneâ??s signal heads are made with weatherproofing design that meets and exceeds the strict NEMA4 standard.
# Full Compliance with ITE Standards
ITE sets the certification standards for DOTâ??s to adopt or modify. Act Oneâ??s traffic signals are continually updated to meet or exceed all latest ITE standards.
# ENERGY STAR Certified & States Pre-qualified
Act One is awarded by the Federal Agency â?? EPA as an ENERGY STAR Partner company. Our traffic signal products are pre-qualified in many states.

Ball & Arrow Signals
Model Description Voltage (typical) Power(W) Color (nm) Standard Min Luminous Intensity
T1-08R-2 8" Ball 12V DC 4.0 626 162 cd
T1-08R-4 8" Ball 120V AC 4.0 626 ITE VTCSH-2 162 cd
T1-08R-W 8" Ball 120V AC 5.5 626 Extended View 162 cd
T1-12R-2 12" Ball 12V DC 7.9 626 358 cd
T1-12R-4 12" Ball 120V AC 7.9 626 ITE VTCSH-2 358 cd
T1-12R-W 12" Ball 120V AC 10.5 626 Extended View 358 cd
TA-12R-1 12" Arrow 120V AC 5.4 626 ITE VTCSH-3 5, 500 cd

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