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High Lumens Dimmable LED Street Light 140Lm/W with 5 Years Guaranty


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Min Order Quantity: 2 Set/Sets
FOB Price: 160-500(USD) per Set
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Production Capacity: 2000/Set/Sets per Month
Delivery Time: 3 days for sample order
Packaging Details: standard export packing or as customer's need

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Zhejiang Coursertech Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)

Main Products: solar street light,solar wind street lig,led street light ,solar garden light ,solar system ,

Business type: Manufacturer

High Lumens Dimmable LED Street Light 140Lm/W with 5 Years Guaranty

Aluminum Alloy
DC12-24; AC85V-265V
High Lumens Dimmable LED Street Light 140Lm/W with 5 Years Guaranty

Special characters of COURSER Led (solar) street lamp

1. LED light source luminous flux:
Our adopted LED chip is American Bridgelux 130~140LM/W, but usually it’s only 80~90lumens in the market. For example, our 32W light, totally 3840LM, can get same brightness as 48W from other supplier. ( 48W*80LM/W=3840LM ) That is to say, if same brightness, our light power is at least 30% lower than other manufactures, so for solar light, it will directly lower the configuration of whole system, and finally to save more money for clients!
2. Heat radiator:
As is known to all, alluminum alloy is the best choice of heat dissipation. If use die-casting alluminum, light body temperature will keep more than 60°C. But, our light body which is also the heat radiator made of stretch formed alluminum alloy will keep the temeprature only 38°C, which will directly lower light decay, and prolong the lifespan of LEDs.
3.  Light reflector:
LED main characteristic is light source collected, so it’s firstly important thing to make LED source diffusion and uniformization. This is the design principle of our reflector, when manufactures who use lens, go against this principle. Our reflector is unique in China, which reach 3 times reflect and make the light effeciency 30% higher than common supplier, meanwhile, can make the light area broader! For example, our 30W can get 30m diameter illumination area, when other supplier only can get 20m!

4. Constant-current and constant-voltage power supply intergrated:
usually we put this power supply in the pole (under part), because LEDs itself has a very long life, when led light doesn’t work, problem mostly is from the power supply, so now we can even ride a bike to exchange if led light doesn't work, this largely decreases maintenance fee as we needn't use crane to take the light down to do the repair any more!
Main functions of our power supply:
a) Full power and half-power energy-saving mode, and asjustable. There is usually 12 dip switches at one end of controller, which is for adjusting the full power and half power. "UP-H if full power; DOWN-L is half power", even if 12 hours later, if it’s still dark, it will start another circle again, according to the work mode you adjust.
b)  Brightness dimmable. There is a dimmer ( round part ) to adjust the light power. After years using, if light dacay happens, you can adjust the power higher, to prolong the lifespan of light again!
c) It has 15 protection functions including short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, internal hot-cut protection, anti-reverse, anti-thunder more than 4KV etc..
d) We can design the remote control function to realize the full-power and half-power energy-saving mode for clients if needed.
e) Super high effeciency: power factor is more than 0.99, conversion effeciency reach 92%.
f) Wide voltage input: DC10~30V ( AC85~265V ), be in common use worldwidely.

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