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300W LED Grow Lights


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300W LED Grow Lights

LED products become a strong tendency for very efficient lighting to reduce the power bill. The 300w LED Grow Lights consumes only 80% of energy if you will compare to traditional lights, as a result it decreases the electricity consumption.

300W LED grow light

Colors: red and blue
Powerful 300W LED grow light can replace standard and 800 to 1, 000W MH/HPS grow light
High efficiency, save 85% power consumption save electricity bills, save money for the end user
Unique design, light and beautiful
No need outside power supply, convenient to use
Use built-in switching mode power supply, above 97% efficiency
Emit the wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants to photosynthesis
Promotes plants growth, budding and flowering
Use kinetic theory of air to solve the heat problem
No infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation
Can be directly placed above the plants, no scorching at all
Lighting and vibration protection
Easy to install and use, plug into the electric outlet directly (120/230V AC)
Running quiet and cool, no need heat-removal equipment
Ideal for all phases of plant growth
Plug-and-play grow light and no need any accessories
Any plugs are available
CE certificate
Good after-sales service, 3 years warranty
Parameter: H-300W
Input voltage: 120/230V AC
Power consumption: 300W
LED quantity: 288 pieces
Color: red/blue (8:1)
Lumens: 11, 500lm
Wavelength: red 660nm, blue 460nm
PF: 0.97
IP: IP50
Working environmental temperature: -20 to 50?C
Photon flux density: 59.93 (under 1.2m)
Covering area (1m height): 15.9 square meters
Equal to MH/HPS light: 800 to 1, 000W
Packing size: 59 x 41 x 17cm
Net weight: 9kg
Gross weight: 9.5kg
Lifespan: 50, 000 hours
Remarks: the lighting area reduced from 91.5 square meter to 15.9 square meter when the hanging height lower down for 3 to 1.2m high
But the photon flux density increased 4.65 times

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