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LED Lights (3Mm, 5Mm, 8Mm, 10Mm Round LED, LED Components &Amp; All Color LED)

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We are china led manufacturer(led suppliers, led lamp manufacturer), which specialized in light emitting diode (led lights, led light, led lamp, dip led)

1. Shape: Round LED, Flat LED, Oval LED(ellipse led), Rectangle LED(2*3*4, 2*5*7), bullet LED, Strawhat LED(straw hat led , straw-hat led), Helmet LED, Concave LED, RGB LED, cylindrical led, tower shape led, all in specification is 3mm, 4mm, 4.8mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and etc.

2. Emitting color: we can supply various color led, like: Green, Red, white, blue, yellow and seven-color lights, full color, RGB, bi-color led(bi color leds, bicolor led) etc. and we also can supply ultra bright led, super bright led etc

3. LENs color, colored diffused led, water clear led, white diffused led, all color led etc.

4. Application: led luminescence products, led lighting products, led fluorescent lamp, led light, led tube, led bulb, led par light, electronic device indicators, optical Mouse, portable equipment , indoor/outdoors message display, traffic signal lights and automotive uses, holiday lighting etc.

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  • Company Name: LED Public Company
    Company Keyword(s): China-based Manufacturer of led lights,led bulb,led tube,led panel,led downling and others.
    Business Type: Manufacturer