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2012 Shenzhen Hot Sale High Quality LED Mining Light/Led High Bay


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Port: Shenzhen
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Delivery Time: 10 days
Packaging Details: exquisite carton,FCCD

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Key Specification

•Energy saving, energy saving lamps than ordinary power saving 50%-70%.
•Environmental protection; Lead-free, mercury and other environmental harmful material, and also have no ultraviolet ray, infrared, harmful to human body health of radiation.
•Beautiful appearance: 6060 aluminum shell the oxidation process, color and luster is light, spherical mask with pleasing appearance and shape.
•Long service life: life is the same type of traditional lights 5 to 8 times, save maintenance cost.
•The radiation capability good: 6060 aluminum shell good heat dissipation characteristics plus excellent thermal design will heat are effective, and extend the life of LED.
•Convenient installation: hang clothes.
•High safety: built-in isolation type power supply, effectively prevent to get an electric shock risk leakage.
•Easy maintenance: light source or the power supply damage, only need to change the corresponding element can complete maintenance continue to work properly.
•Protect vision: the glare structure design, reduce illume process not comfort, no flash, and effectively protect eyes.
•No electromagnetic interference: be other appliances and electromagnetic interference.
• Light source: Integrated packaging LED
• LED quantity:1PCS
• Power types: built-in constant-current power supply
• Input voltage: AC100V-240 V / 50-60 Hz
•Power factor:≥0.9
•Luminous flux

Light sourcecategoriesEpiatarEpiatarEpiatarEpiatar
Luminous efficiency(lm/w)60606060

•Color temperature: W-warm white (2800-3300 K), N-natural white (4000-4500 K) : P-is white (5500-6500 K), C-cold white (7000-8000 K) can be chosen
•CRI: ≥70
•Beam Angle: 120 °
•Protection rating: IP54
•Material: 6063 aluminum alloy enclosure
•Life expectancy: > 30000 hours.
•working environment: indoor use, temperature range-25 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, humidity range from 10% to 90%.
•Certification: CE, RoHS
3、【Illuminance Graph:
Light sourcecategoriesEpistarEpistarEpistarEpistar
1 Mis in (a) intensity of illumination (Lx)1012134018622774
2 Mplace (b) intensity of illumination (Lx)4656769611325
3 Mplace (c) intensity of illumination (Lx)354552562816

•used in factories and enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc lighting

    The product shape dimension drawing
  Installation: in the position of the need to install a suitable the size of the installation bolt hole, with a hook of explosion-proof column fixed, the mining of lamp directly link can be hung up,  
1. Installation and replace lamps need to completely shut off the power again after operation.
2. Avoid installation in high temperature, high humidity and close to the heat source place and heat steam, the place of corrosive gas, lest affect life span.
Company Name: Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd.
Company Keyword(s): China-based Manufacturer of Indoor and outdoor LED displays,full color/dual color/single color LED products,OEM,ODM,LED Screen project design and others.
Business Type: Manufacturer