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Free services for buyers:

You are here with LED Purchase International Platform. LED-Purchase.com, established by LED Purchase International Platform, helps international buyers find and purchase LED products from China and the world. It provides accurate LED information and matching services for global LED buyers. Reliable and qualified LED suppliers and manufacturers are presented in front of you for your buying reference.

Posting Buying Leads

It is free of charge to display buying requests at LED-Purchase.com. Search the products and companies by entering the keywords, or browsing the categories. You are able to send inquiries to the selected suppliers, or display your buying requests publicly. Once your buying leads are exposed, our Industry Specialist will sort out the most matching suppliers for you.

  • Search / Browse
  • Display Buying Leads
  • Check the Quotations

To learn more about how to buy at LED-Purchase.com, click here.

Customized Sourcing Service

Tired of finding the right products and suppliers in a sea of information? With LED-Purchase.com, you only need to send us your product request which will be allocated as soon as we receive your form. Then our Industry Specialists sort out high quality suppliers to match your sourcing requirements and verify the quotations before sending to you.

To reach the right suppliers, submit your buying request now!

Reservation Service

LED-Purchase is pleased to book the hotels and the flight tickets for your travelling. Contact our service team and tell them your destination and flight information, everything will be well arranged for you. We do our best to get the best hotel rates and flight discount. The reservation services are free of charge.

  • Make a Call
  • Booking
  • Arrival

To contact us, please click here.

Shipping Service

LED-Purchase offers value-added services to help global buyers with shipping. Once international buyers order what they want at LED-Purchase.com, they don’t need to worry about shipment. LED-Purchase selects the qualified shipping agents, providing predictable and transparent pricing structure for your reference. Time-definite and day-definite delivery is guaranteed based on your shipment’s destination.

Recommending Quality Suppliers

LED-Purchase is pleased to recommend LED suppliers for your buying reference. You only need to send us your requirements, then our Industry Specialists select the matching manufacturers and suppliers. Please note that all of the selected manufacturers and suppliers will be verified by LED Purchase International Platform with strict inspection process. Recommending only the best quality suppliers and providers makes your sourcing easily.

Factory Inspection Service

What if you choose some suppliers and you are not sure about their capabilities and product quality? Since you cannot pay a visit to the factories for expensive travelling fees and lack of time, LED Purchase International Platform offers free factory inspection services to help you out. Our well-trained inspectors monitor the factories by inspecting and checking the initial production, during production and pre-shipment production. Inspection reports will be released for your reference.

  • Submit Inspection Request
  • Request Approved
  • Factory Inspection
  • Inspection Report

Interpreting Service

It is obvious that the language barrier will be your concern when you decide to come to China for on-site factory inspection or other business activities. LED Purchase International Platform offers free interpreting service in Chinese and English for worldwide trade partners. Our interpreters specialize in a full range of simultaneous interpretation and translation to solve your communication problems with Chinese suppliers.

  • Submit a Request
  • Request Approved
  • Interpretation

Assisting with Order

When international buyers purchase LED products from LED-Purchase.com, LED Purchase International Platform is willing to provide real-time help for your order. We help to control the quality by inspecting the production and products. Make sure that the products meet your sourcing requirements and can be delivery on time.

  • Submit a Request
  • Request Approved
  • Order Follow-Up
  • Delivery