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LED High-Bay Light


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Min Order Quantity: 1 Set
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Packaging Details: individualcarton

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LED High Bay Light: 150W High Bay Light
Model: XD-GKD15001 Metal Halide Replacement: 300W
Voltage : AC 85-265V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 150W
Color temperature: Warm White 2700 to 3500k Natural White 4000 to 5000k Cool White 5500 to 7500k
Fixture LightOutput: 10800 Lumens and 12600 Lumens
Beam angle: 60 Deg/90 Deg/120 Deg
CRI: >75 Lifespan: up to 50,000 hrs, more than 10 years per 12 hrs/day Certification: CE Rosh FCC Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:3 years

1. Mine tunnel and High Bay

2. Factory and Manufacturing
3. Warehouse and Storage room
4. Railway and Road toll station and Gas station
5. Lobby and Mall and convention Center

1: Reduces Energy Consumption 50% vs Metal Halide or HPS
2: Up to 50,000 hours lifespan. 3 years Warranty
3: Maintenance free for over 10 years at 12 hrs per day
4: Environmentally friendly, reduces carbon emmissions
5: No filament to burn out, No flickering
6: Reduced heat generation by 78% compared to MH or HPS
7. Luminous efficiency is up to 72-85lm/W;
8. Various kinds of color temperature optional;
9. High color-render index;
10. Milky white lamp-shade, soft light, which reduce damage to our eyes;
11. Novel style and sophisticated appearance;
12. Unique thermal design and low temperature, extending the life of LED.

1. Incandescent Light Bulb: 1-4% efficient
2. Fluorescent: 15-25% efficient
3. LED: 20-52% efficient (60-80% theoretical)

  • Place of Origin:China
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  • Minimum Order Quantity:
    1 Set
  • Packaging Detail:
  • Delivery Time:
    5~12 days
  • Payment Type:
    T/T, L/C
  • Company Name: Sichuan Xuandong Feiyang Technology Co., LTD
    Company Keyword(s): China-based company of bay light,supermarkets led lights,led bay light,150w bay light,led factory light and others.
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